Opening Flower Stand Workshop 基本开业花篮工作坊

In the business world, a grand opening ceremony is a major event, symbolizing the birth and growth of a new business. At this important moment, a beautiful grand opening flower stand isn't just a tradition, it's also a wonderful way to express blessings and support. Join our workshop, where you'll learn to craft a unique grand opening flower stand yourself, to send special blessings to your friends, family, or business partners.

Looking for extra income? Floral design could be a fantastic side hustle. 

With the increasing demand for floral arrangements, the value of floral design in the market is on the rise. More and more people learn floral design because they see it as a profitable venture. Making floral design your side hustle can also help you maintain a steady income stream.

Moreover, learning floral design can enhance your personal charm and style. It helps develop your aesthetic sense, patience, creativity, self-expression, and refinement.

We offer floral training courses that are:
  • Beginner-friendly 
  • Suitable for students and homemakers 
  • Ideal as a side hustle 
  • No prior experience needed 
  • Professional guidance provided 
  • One-on-one Coaching 
  • Course certification upon completion 
If you're keen on learning a craft and earning extra income, don't miss out! 



随着人们对花艺的需求逐渐增加,花艺在市场上的价值也越来越高, 慢慢的选择学习花艺的人也越来越多。因为他们认为这是非常有利可图的商业,将花艺作为副业也可以保持有主要收入的来源.


  • 对初学者友好
  • 适合学生/宝妈
  • 作为副业
  • 0 基础培训
  • 提供专业指导
  • 一对一指导教学
  • 课程证书

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