About Us

GRATITUDE & LOVE : This is our theme and WHY the founder, Kim has established this brand, to deliver love message through gifting. We are NOT the typical florist shop, we provide energy flowers - meaning real flowers that brings luck to you from feng shui perspective.

Another big part in Love.flos is flower art workshop for individuals and corporate clients. Coming from ACCA background with a Degree in Financial Accounting, Kim has dived into fundamentals of flower art entreprenuership for the past 3 years left from corporate life. Craftman can affect life by re-establishing sense of ritual,conveying gratitude and sharing love. Her educational mission is to influence life through training, believing that florist art knowledge can help certain people's situation, empower housewives and umemployed people with some skills, so that they can start a home business and increase personal value. She also loves to create, to share knowledge and wishes to ignite a little hope with her life.

She not only aims to import floral knowledge to students, but she also want to help women regain confidence and spiritual enhancement, as well as provide a space offering opportunity for students to connect and improve.

She is offering corporate workshop not only in KL/Selangor, but also has her team across other states such as Penang, Melaka, Ipoh, Johor Bahru and East Malaysia. Her team in KL are her selected students with background whom are mummies to provide the flexibility and freedom to work from home with kids. 

Instructor Profile

  • Founder of love.flos
  • Recognised as Malaysian Influential Educators (MIE) 2023
  • love.flos awarded CSR certificate by MIE
  • 4 years of teaching experience in conducting florist courses
  • Designed various premium gifts for MNCs.

Sample of Artwork


  • Florist
  • Love.flos network team
  • 2 years of florist experience in curating flower gifts.

Sample of Artwork