Return & Refund Policy

Though we hope to only hear good news, we know that the nature of our product is exposed to greater scrutiny and expectation than most. So If for any reason you are unsatisfied with the quality or accuracy of your order, please email us to report the problem. We will be happy to help.

For Non- Deliveries:
If your order never shipped or wasn’t delivered, we will resend your order the next day upon your notification of non-deliveries. If you are completely dissatisfied and do not want re-delivery of your order, then we will issue back a full refund if desired within 7 days upon mutual agreement from both sides after your request is made.

For Late Deliveries (florist delivered):
If your order was delivered after the intended delivery date, then we will credit you back the original service charge for the late delivery. But if the order was delivered late because an address was submitted incorrectly, or the recipient was not available to take delivery, then we cannot provide a full refund, or credit back the original service charge.

For Quality Issues (florist delivered):
If the you are requesting a replacement, you must request the replacement within 3 days from when it was delivered.

Please contact us at or 014-6535377 if you have any questions or doubts.